Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Message to the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement

A simple note to the Occupy Wall Street folks:  You need a message.  99% of this country has no idea what you stand for and without a message, your movement is going to shrivel up and die.

Now, here's a simple message for you, a message that 99% of the citizens of this country can understand and can support.  Here it is:

We're going to occupy Wall Street until the first CEO of a major financial institution goes to jail.

That's it.  It's tangible.  It's concrete.  And more than that, it cuts right across political lines and goes right to the heart of what has gone seriously wrong with this country.

Obviously there needs to be more than one who goes to jail.  But you need a pithy message.  And you need a tangible goal.

So here it is again:  We're going to Occupy Wall Street until the first CEO of  a major financial institution goes to jail.

For more info on just how badly we've been had and how badly we need criminal prosecution of those who got us where we are:

"In the Savings and Loan crisis which was one seventieth the size of this crisis, our agency made over 10,000 criminal referrals and that resulted in the conviction on felony grounds of over 1000 elites in what were designated as major cases. . . . In this crisis the same agency that I worked with that made 10,000 criminal referrals in a tinier crisis made zero criminal referrals.  They got rid of the entire function.  And so there are zero convictions of anybody in the elite ranks of Wall Street.  And if they can defraud us with impunity then they will produce crisis after crisis and they will produce maximum inequality."

Occupy LA Teach In, William K Black

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