Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Jewish People in Salvation History

The Catholic Tradition has always seen that there is a place for the Jewish people in salvation history, even after the establishment of the Church by the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The Church is indeed the New Israel, but that does not mean that God is simply finished with Israel according to the flesh. I have written on this in several places and wanted to collect those essays in one place:

The Ongoing Role of the Jews in Salvation History

Here's a piece that I co-authored with Michael Forrest for publication in Lay Witness magazine:

All in the Family: Christians, Jews, and God

And here is a response to some criticism that was leveled against that article:

A Response to a Critique of "All in the Family"

Here is another short article co-authored with Michael Forrest responding to some comments by Bishop Cyril Bustros in the wake of the recent Synod of Bishops for the Middle East:

On the Relationship Between the Jewish People and God (the final comment below this article contains some additional detail in response to the feedback we got.)


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